Saturday, 5 January 2013

Not much action ....


Life took over - so not a great deal went on over Christmas on the programming re-entry front! Much to my disappointment I must add. So just have a couple of musings from the various discussions and events that went on - we are a family of nerds so end up talking about this stuff for fun you see.

Social networking discussion topic - do you really need a web-presence as an individual?
Well this topic really polarised people - not being visible was preferable by half the group while - fully visibility was the call from the other half. Which is best though? Is there a best? I of-course fell in the full visibility group.  We are talking about a group of people who are experts when it comes to computing by the way - so no Luddite's here. Anyway, we ended up drinking too much and not coming to any conclusion, though  I still believe there is something a bit suss about not having a profile. However, it did start me thinking - could I remove my internet presence if I wanted to? Bit like those credit card companies who cancel all your cards for you from one call (usually just before you find your wallet again) - could you zero your profile and start again? I don't think I could. What if your 'personal brand' (oh yes - you do have one), is not what you want it to be - can you correct it? I know of one person who exited LinkedIn, closed his account, and then started again just because he wanted to lose all of the recruitment agents and ne'er-do-wells from his profile - bit extreme, but it worked - wrong or re-branding?!

Apple relia-maintaina -usa-bility discussion topic - Apple Computers taking a beating. 
Discussion sparked by the 3rd failure of my mates MacBook Pro hard drive while he was in the middle of writing up a crucial scientific deliverable due on 31st December(!) - a date not set by him he was at pains to point out.  So Apple took a beating - given that this was the 3rd one in the last 3 months - er my old Tosh-laptop has been more reliable than that and I've dropped it a couple of times! This also initiated comments on the programming of iOS front from my personal experts, who informed us that its a pain in the neck and to be avoided at all costs! Only the prevalence of iThings makes it something you have to do - otherwise come back Microsoft all is forgiven was the cry.

So - the thought for the New Year is - "things ain't what they used to be"

Have a good one ;)

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