Saturday, 12 January 2013

Cloudy management!

Google is taking over - think I'll give in! This is going to sound like a sales pitch but believe me, it isn't - I'm just interested in the cheapest quickest and most functional way to operate ;)

This weeks missive was prompted again by one of my trusted advisor's - Bambofy - who is dragging me back up the computing learning curve (as well as now beating me at table football). "Have you seen the new Chromebook" was the start of it. Given that this was from a Mac user I immediately though of a slick chrome looking thing that would cost at least a 1000 somethings. However, I have done some learning and then realised Chrome - ah - Google - OK let me have a look. Long story short is that this machine, I am convinced, has signalled the future.

Here is why.

The unit for a start only costs £199 in the UK - for us that's mega-cheap (Brownie Point no. 1) - all those wanting access to the internet line up now. Plus its fast (Brownie Point no. 2) and it looks sleek - we checked one out in PC World like you do. There's also a desktop 'Chromebox' too - now that just looks cool and is also cheap at £279! Definitely sounding like a sales pitch I know!

So what - aren't there are lots of other cheap machines around I hear you ask - yes - but this one opens up a World of Google to you. Now here for me is the interesting bit. I stated toting up what I do with my laptop/internet time. Here's my typical startup sequence;

  1. Power up laptop (Toshiba) - now looking old and battered
  2. Fire up Chrome browser (Google)
  3. Fire up +Gary (Google)
  4. Fire up gmail (Google)
  5. Fire up Blogger (Google) 
  6. Check my web site (Google sites)
  7. Check the site statistics (Google Analytics)
  8. Fire up LinkedIn 
  9. Fire up Twitter
  10. Check news feeds (Google Reader)
  11. Share any interesting items with +Add This (Google app I think for Chrome toolbar)
  12. Any interesting files I store on my G-Drive (Google) 
  13. Edit any files with Google Docs, Spreadsheet (Google - obviously)

So I am Dr Google - by default - without even realising! (Brownie Points 3 to 10)

Not to mention the rest;

  • YouTube - my music and entertainment site,
  • Maps - can't find anything without that these days, and
  • Chrome itself - which is light years ahead of the rest of them.

(Brownie Points 11 to 13)

So is this cloud computing made easy - if so then the Chromebook is geared to opening the door for you?

Maybe it is - for more thoughts on the subject check the following link?

Onward and upward......

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