Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Asset Management

All in all a bit of a confusing subject area. But wait, why am I on this trail at all? Thought this blog was about computing revival? 

Well - I have wandered into this through the work I did last year which had a focus on data and analytics around civil assets. Now the  challenge is to expand this experience to other asset classes. I have been scooping on the subject for quite a while now - check the following link - which illustrates what a mish-mash of a topic this is. 

What I am talking about here is not the financial kind of asset management but more of the engineering version and of course the links to software and data developments. Hence the interest!

An ISO standard (ISO 55000) has just appeared on the streets which immediately has created a rush to be certified. Not entirely sure why though as the standard is all about improving performance not ticking the box of certification. Can you have the box ticket but not be efficient? I would think so! 

Hopefully this avenue will lead to Big Data nirvana or analytics heaven or something similar?

Onward and upward on the revival journey......