Thursday, 18 July 2013

Steep curves.

Learning curves that is!

Related to big data - in real companies with old legacy systems (COBOL - are you kidding me!), system variants (are you running V10 or V10.1?), a plethora of home grown (and I hasted not to call them) packages as well as multiple and complex processes for getting systems onto the company infrastructure (to make sure you don't muck up the current operations of course). Add to this time pressures of day-to-day business activity and the need to maintain existing system issues and upgrade in line with user expectations.

The very definition of complexity.

HELP - how do we get control over the big data - can we start again!

The answer of course is yes - but. How do you start to get a grip of this landscape?

Do you drive new business change projects into it to flesh out issues and interfaces, or take a global view of the mess and plan a grand strategy around what needs to be done. Or indeed do both simultaneously. Can you initiate 'agile' projects to get buy-in from stakeholders - indeed can you use agile in this type of environment?

Bring on the 'Solution Architects'.

We will see......