Saturday, 29 December 2012

What's worked well?

So with all the social-freemium activity I've had a play with this year, which applications stand out from the rest in terms of usefulness?

Clear winner:

Skype - what can I say, free phone, view of who is 'live' on-live, conference calls and a messaging system all at the click of a button!

Runner up:

Trello - great medium for developing ideas, managing projects and developing marketing plans!

Honourable mention:

Twitter (inc Tweetdeck) - thought this was going to be useless - but is very dynamic, feels alive when compared with the very slow response you get from the other networking applications.

Good but must try harder:

LinkedIn - going in the wrong direction - removing links to other media - seems to be reverting to recruitment site mode.

Storify - I like this one personally but not been a great interest for others. - you need to make sure it doesn't end up as a dumping ground  - the stuff you put in the loft thinking it would be of use someday!

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