Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas programming activity for when you get bored!

Short and sweet one this week - a bit of festive activity courtesy of 'bambofy' ;)

Hopefully everyone is now familiar with Dropbox - which is one of my 2012 favourite freemium apps by-the-way - well it has now been enhanced to the point where you can use it to build your own web site!

Or as the web site says 'absurdly simple web site hosting' check out - which lets you build a site from your Dropbox folder structure!

Here is my very feeble first attempt at it - looking for some instruction from my two trusted advisor's over the holiday.

Another one for all those interested in managing their activity on all this social media stuff - and a mechanism for planning your 2013 online campaign if you are so inclined - check out

  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • emails
  • etc 

all tracked for you - and put onto your own personal dashboard - bit dangerous really!

That's it for now - Merry Christmas - enjoy whatever projects you have running!!

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