Friday, 14 September 2012


OK so I've not taken the time to check out some of the web programming tools so far. Too busy trying to get back into the swing or real computing! But got a flea in the ear from one of my trusted advisor's - the Lancaster computing one - and was 'advised' to check out a site called as I was asking some dumb questions on web page design.

Anyway - I did just that one spare lunchtime - what a revelation!

HTML looks just like the old WordStar editor I used to use. Shock, horror, a scripting language Ctrl-B and all that. Well at least I could see myself getting my head around the simple formatting elements of the language. Nothing new under the Sun eh?

So now the situation is 'Cloud computing' looks a lot like an old mainframe setup and HTML turns out to be an old editor. There is hope yet for us ancients!

The w3schools site is pretty useful for all those questions you wanted to ask about the multitude of languages but couldn't be bothered, I'm sure to be using it again!

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