Saturday, 8 September 2012

Information overload ....

This week has been more of a maintenance and upgrade week on the revival path. I am advancing to next level on the computing and social networking fronts.

On the networking front I have discovered Tweetdeck - why didn't someone tell me about this before! This is the dashboard of dashboards that blows your mind with all the information that can be displayed. No doubt our Human Factors team would tell me off for my set-up  - cognitive block and all that. But wow it definitely gives you the feel that you are looking into the networks you have set up. Its also free!!

On the serious computing front I have re-energised the ROBFIT GitHub repo by uploading the next routine BREAD.FOR that is used for reading the raw data - so not that stunning but essential! I have also discovered that you can link GitHub to your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is becoming more useful by the day at this rate - could well become the spoke at the centre of all my various meanderings across the web.

Data dump - information reset ....

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