Friday, 28 September 2012

Another world opens up!

Just when I thought I was doing really well having built a web site with Google's sites application - see One of my trusted advisor's introduced me to Drupal. Having just returned from Brussels it sounded an bit like a Belgian beer so had to be tried out. This is professional web site development made easy - and open source - i.e. free - which is critical to getting a high score on my marking scheme.

Check out the link to the Drupal site

Its a little bit more involved than Google site building - though Google also hosts your site for you - free - which is another major plus - but the URL you get assigned isn't so memorable. I don't really care about such niceties though.

Sitting with someone who knew what they were doing Drupal enabled the building of a brand new professionally looking site in literally a couple of hours.

I believed you had to be crashing out HTML for months to get a site up and running. Technology, who'd have thought it!

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