Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tracking the good stuff..

Bit of a diversion from programming but worth it.

Thanks to a bizarre combination of watching a programme on Caledonian Road (N9 London) on the BBC (excellent viewings for me), Tweeting that I had lived there for a few years then Eleonora  replying with a Tweet about a way of tracking and storing them as a story - I discovered an excellent new online tool for corralling all this fleeting internet information.

Its called Storify absolutely worth checking out! So I'm using it to pull together the threads of 'knowledge' that I pick up from various sources such as Twitter, Google reader etc. So far I have gone mad and have 4 'stories running - 2 can be found on - one is an Alan Turing tribute and the other relates to collation of Innovation ideas! The other 2 stories are in draft and are just 'knowledge' dumps - probably post them anyway this week sometime.

So the online tools are shaping up like this for me;

  1. Twitter - full of junk until you can filter what you want through a trusted network then excellent access to current thinking!
  2. LinkedIn - interfacing with Twitter to share knowledge and for deeper discussions - negative is its a bit glacial in response time - positive is that the feedback you get from a network is fantastic, a living encyclopaedia.
  3. Github - repo for all coding - best bar none for this type of thing!
  4. Blogger - this - effectively my diary.
  5. Storify - repository for pulling things together and building themes.
  6. My website (yes I am calling it that much to the disdain of my lads)  for keeping track of where all this is located!

Now just need a good Fortran compiler - the one I have (must be free you see) is a bit too retro even for me;)

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