Friday, 22 June 2012

First module loaded!

Result - the first ROBFIT module has been loaded onto Github!

It only took me 4 hours to do that mind!

Setting up the ROBFIT repo (got to do the jargon right - that's short for repository on github) was more of a lesson in retro. All command line control once you have downloaded github,

mkdir robfit
cd robfit 
git init

type stuff - not sure whether to be pleased that I still follow this stuff or not - thought there would be some slick modern version to clickety click and bob's your uncle its all done for you. But no - maybe the advanced version comes with a green screen too ;)


git add BKGFIT
git remote add origin https://github/grandwizz/robfit.git
git push origin master

seemed to load the background fitting programme BKGFIT onto the site.

Github - looks very very useful by-the-way once you have got over up the learning curve!

Check it out.......more to come.

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