Friday, 15 June 2012

Reading my own words.

Bit odd - I have had to resort to reading the ROBFIT book to accelerate the learning.

Feels like I'm cheating - a bit.

So I have;

BKGFIT - which fits the background alone
FSPFIT - which fits he complete spectrum
RAWDD - displays the raw`data
XCALIBER - x-axis calibration to energy
FSPDIS - display the full spectrum
STGEN - generate a standard peak

The order of events for the way the code works is as follows;

  1. Read and display the raw data (RAWDD)
  2. Generate a 'standard' peak from the peak data (STGEN)
  3. Fit the background (BKGFIT)
  4. Search for regions where there may be peaks (FSPFIT)
  5. Add a peak to the region (FSPFIT)
  6. Repeat 3,4,5 until there are no further peak regions identified 
  7. Convert the x-axis channel numbers into energies (XCALIBER)
  8. Display the fitting results (FSPDIS)
During the fitting the user has full control over the level to which the code will identify and attempt to fit smaller and smaller peaks.

Can't believe we did this on machines available at the time!

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