Sunday, 6 May 2012

Twitter v LinkedIn updates.....

After an extensive research projects lasting 2 weeks I'm still searching for Fortran tweets with a technical bias - lot of chatter going on but not much content found so far. Which is not the same for other computer related info where the problem is filtering what does come through.

LinkedIn on the other hand, as mentioned in previous messages, does have an active Fortran forum with excellent technical (maybe too technical) traffic. The issue with LinkedIn is how you capture and store the information in a searchable manner.

So these two packages seem to work at the two ends of the extreme - Twitter has a rapid and fleeting flow of current ideas and info, not all necessarily appropriate or relevant, while LinkedIn acts as almost a living encyclopaedia, but feels a bit clumsy and slow.

The two together therefore provide a very powerful way of researching  topics. Twitter helps in quickly getting up the learning curve on a subject, and a way of filtering and ordering the current thinking and flow of data and ideas. Then if you get stuck or require a more in-depth analysis LinkedIn provides the infrastructure for more learned discussions. Currently I am in the process of doing just this with a couple of management topics to aid dissemination of knowledge through our organisation on 'innovation'.

This approach has certainly helped me so far more to report in future messages.......

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