Saturday, 12 May 2012

Social media side show or main event .....

Things are starting to ramp up regarding the use of Twitter and LinkedIn within the company. I think the trick for me will be to make sure that the content is kept appropriate and useful to the community. There are probably a thousand reasons why we shouldn't be using these media for company 'knowledge' sharing - privacy, IPR etc. In fact I think there will be some corporate guidelines issued 'advising' staff on how to 'use' this material - kind of defeats the object of it all but lets see where we get to.

One of the issues I am feeling my way around is how do I generate sharing of best practice related to software development - yes in spreadsheets too! I had a discussion only yesterday with someone who should know better on the liabilities of just bashing out 'calculations' on projects because quote "that's what we do" - "it will only take you a couple of days" - holy smoke - read earlier entries on this one!

There is going to have to be a major culture change to make sure we get on top of this. Fortunately senior management appreciate the risk - would you just go out grab a few bricks and build a bridge. You know what a bridge looks like and you can lift bricks but does that mean you are qualified to design a bridge?

The journey takes a few twists and turns....

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