Saturday, 26 May 2012

Thought leadership!

Twitter update.

Just started to collate information on Twitter - which is a bit of a nightmare given the volume of traffic from the 80 people and organisation I follow.

However I have discovered the beauty of 'Lists' - you can essentially allocate certain people/organisations to a List or a number of Lists that you yourself can define. So I have set up 4 Lists which I am calling my Twitter Libraries, at the moment I have the following,

  • Science Library
  • Computing Library
  • Management Library
  • Coffee Library

Which seem to be a good grouping of my areas of interest. These are proving to be very effective at filtering the dross and not losing a post in all of the traffic. So well done Twitter!

I am also using #arctki to record all of my tweets related to technical knowledge and innovation which again is a great way of tracking and sharing information.

Everyone has visibility of the Libraries and #arctki - not sure if anyone is checking them on a regular basis but a store of information is building up.

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