Monday, 27 May 2013

Top of the pops......

Well the Top 5 focus activity reported in the last post seems to be working very well indeed - surprisingly given the shaky start to it all!

Focus, focus, focus in all areas is paying dividends and  we all finally know what is needed to deliver the Top 5 in all areas including;

  1. Planning arena around development of the programme plan,
  2. Data modelling, what, when type questioning,
  3. Process modelling activity, business change etc related
  4. Contract-ITT developments, what's in and what's out of the contract,
  5. Business benefits, what and when released by the Top 5 areas.

all starting to align in terms of the overall approach.

So its looking pretty good for this equifinality approach - much to think over - can we get to an end game with it though?

Only time will tell.....

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