Saturday, 4 May 2013

Not quite there yet ...

This week has been a bit of a reality check on all things connectivity related - so beware you Cloud computing evangelists.

Having said that, this past week has seen me use a remote desktop service from Microsoft pretty effectively. Well in fact I wouldn't have been able to complete the job I was working on without it. Essentially I can't load anything onto my work computer - locked down tighter than a duck's ..... - anyway safe to say it makes  Apple look almost developer friendly. However, through the wonders of the internet and the RDS service all was well, Microsoft Project, Visio you name it I could use it. Impressive, bit slow where I was due to internet speed, but full functionality at the click of a button. Only problem was the client had the same problem as me, they don't have Project or Visio loaded as standard either - convert to pdf saved the day. So all that was worked swimmingly.

The problem came when I had to go into London which involved moving hotel. From my usual cheap 'Lodge' to some very expensive place. I have to say it - the room didn't have any windows either - not sure if that's even legal? Anyway, issues began to arise around wifi connectivity. I was trying to meet up with a friend, who doesn't have a mobile phone (now there is a learning point) only a laptop for communicating via gmail. So we had set a time to check email's in order to plan meeting up one evening. However, I couldn't get onto the wifi at my hotel - life is too short to find out why, one minute it was working the next poof it had gone! So what was the backup plan for communication - well we didn't have one - so I thought, Costa's or McD's and free wifi. Off I trundle with brick of laptop looking for the nearest free connection. Made it thanks to Nero's only to find no message from my friend. What I didn't realise at the time - he was staying in another hotel - and having the same connectivity problems. So he had gone to even greater extremes to connect up. Not knowing this I thought the best plan would be to just walk to his hotel and sit in the foyer and wait for him to pass by. Long story short - we passed each other in the street - he had the same plan and was heading for my hotel foyer! Now that would have been funny.

So the lesson - don't bet your business on ropey internet connections and always have a tested business continuity plan ......

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