Saturday, 3 November 2012

To blog or to curate - that is the question?

More a thought for the day this one.

You definitely need a strategic approach to get the most out of all of this social media capability. There is so much to go at you can quite easily become social app weary. Not to mention spending your whole life trawling through the various information feeds!

Check out Guy Kawasaki's view on the following link for a more 'rounded' assessment

Which is great, but what are you going to do with all this 'networking' data and information, just leave it all hanging out there?

That is why I believe you need some sort of strategic goal - something that all of the collating and curating works towards. Currently, myself and one of my trusted advisor's (JB you know who you are)  are having a go at feeding and filtering information related to setting up a consultancy business. Which is something I have lived through and so can do the curating and is something that JB is interested in and can do the editing. The ultimate goal is to produce a book which effectively has been filtered through the process we are following.

The process at the moment goes like this;

  1. Curate the material on
  2. Select relevant entries for inclusion in the book
  3. Do an initial organisation of the information based upon business content
  4. Enter these into Storify story repository
  5. Arrange the content in Storify
  6. Produce the narrative around this content
  7. Flesh out the narrative to produce the book
  8. Publish as an eBook


Who knows what it will produce - then the question is - can you automate this and produce a book automatically - what!! process link -

Storify process link - work in progress don't forget -

Or is life too short ..... at least its fun trying?

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