Saturday, 17 November 2012

Analytical taxonomies - appropriate analysis

Having had a pop at approaches to 'Big Data Analytics' based around spreadsheets in the last post the question has to be "so what does appropriate analysis look like?"

In my various internet wanderings this week I came across a couple of articles that for me give a glimpse into what the future should look like.

The first is by Jim Sinur in an entry on applying analytics to processes and not just data, follow the link for more detail;

In fact, thinking through exactly what you are expecting your 'processes' to deliver rather than simply feeding the process, is key, as is 'unmanned' optimising and management of interactions between them!  

The figure below illustrates some of the analytical taxonomy that could be used.

As well as the process analytics elements outlined above the sheer volume of data to work through will also require new computing techniques. The second article I came across by Rick Merritt in EETimes illustrates the type of computing power that will be available;

which is by the sounds of it is 40,000 processors working in a parallel configuration using neural net and fuzzy logic techniques to crank out 5.2 tera-operations per second!

So the Big Data Analytics future, for me, contains complexity in both analysis techniques and computational systems. A bit more that a few unconnected spreadsheets.

Looks exciting eh!!

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