Saturday, 25 August 2012

Languages suck .... computer ones that is ;)

More a though for the day this one....

I have been both impressed and confused over the last few months by the sheer number of software languages that you appear to need to keep abreast of these days. I am easily into double figures on the count and I'm not even trying. What is going on?

In the good old days you would get by with BASIC, FORTRAN and possibly C but only if you were a real geek. Oh and then there was JCL (my god - I'd almost forgotten about that). These days the number has ballooned and careers have been made upon the back of the various mutations of operating systems and their associated languages.

In past blogs - as you can read - even the production of a simple package (sorry 'app') to analyse a waveform has required quite a bit of soul searching on which language to use. Surely what is needed is some overarching operating system of languages to act as a master controller - hey maybe nobody has thought of that one!

With the IoT (Internet of Things) emerging what is the best way forward - or are we doomed to even greater mushrooming of languages.

The balloon (or my mind) must pop at some point.....

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