Saturday, 18 August 2012

Data presented!

Well not much progress last week as holiday return trip home has got in the way - was a long way back!

There was a little bit of movement though - the week was spent checking the code. I was please to note that even with all the new programming language bell's and whistles we still ended up de-bugging using the good old print statement. Which was actually very simple in Python - unlike my memory of Fortran 'WRITE' statements - though I'm sure all that has changed by now - at least I hope so.

Anyway - here is a print out of 5 right (top) and 5 left (bottom) hand pressure waveforms extracted from the first dataset.
The work going forward is to start to analyse the structure of these to try and come up with an optimum shape that will deliver maximum power for the swimmer. A swimmer can then use this information in real time to make adjustments to their technique.

I don't know much about swimming but this is interesting stuff - the appliance of science!

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