Saturday, 14 July 2012

Momentum ..... increasing.

Update of the Twitter social universe side of the revival.

Approaching 100 Twitter followers has been an interesting journey. The 100, which is 'pulsating' all the time, is homing in on an excellent set of communities. Having been directed to the use of Lists by @sheffters I now have a way through the noise of Twitter land. Though I thought I was listing these contacts for my own use I found out this week that the person who I have listed also gets informed - not a problem really, in fact had a few nice messages from people as a result!

These contacts have taken a bit of a tortured route though. Which makes me a bit suspicious that I am being spoon fed by the Twitter machine? I started off with lots of 'follows' from nice young ladies - at least that's what they looked like - which I didn't follow back I will have you know! Welcome to Twitter. However, these soon 'unfollow'. If (like me) you have a plan for the use of Twitter then things start to get organised pretty quickly - well its taken a few months to get to this stage. Soon the follows become more relevant, subject area wise that is. If you then have a rationale for who you do follow back you end up with a pretty focussed set of information feeds. I'm probably driving my contacts on LinkedIn mad by posting links that I come across there too, but that's all part of that sharing thing.

The question now is what happens next, what happens with the focussed group, how can I ask a question of this set of individuals and not be lost in the noise?

Onward and upward as they say.....

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