Sunday, 29 July 2012

Holiday computing!

All a bit sporadic for the next few weeks while holidaying takes precedence.

Think may have a new application for Robfit fittery - nothing to do with gamma rays this time but swimming related!

The essence of the fitting is based around analysis of swimmer force profiles which have been measured using 'glove' worn by swimmers. Analysing the waveforms from these gloves is being used to improve swimming technique. A better explanation of the physics behind all this is provided in an article by friends Stuart and Colleen in the Journal of International Society of Swimming Coaching;

Full reference;

The Effect of Real-Time Feedback on Swimming Technique (page 41)

"We examine a new approach for accelerating the learning of efficient stroke mechanics: using a flume equipped to deliver multi-perspective live video footage and force analysis data simultaneously to the swimmer and the coach. A preliminary study of the effectiveness of this approach with a small group of age group swimmers shows gains in ability to generate force of around 20% and to improve swim velocity with only two hours of application."

where you can see the profiles produced by the gloves.

May take few few beers to come up with the optimal way of analysing the waveforms mind...;)

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