Saturday, 14 April 2012

So how do you do it.......?

Still no decision on previously described workings.

However, started to mull over a couple of things related to how to position development going forward;

  1. I have a foot high pillar of 3 1/2inch floppy disc's with a load of old Fortran code on them. I'm sure its all really useful recyclable, reusable full documented well structured code by-the-way! But what a waste - from a scientific viewpoint I'm sure there is something of use, I have a complete spectral analysis code ROBFIT on there somewhere. Though it is a version that's 20 years old! What to do?
  2. Everything, and I mean everything, is going 'social networking' mad. In fact I used the LinkedIn Fortran Programming Group to get going again on all things software. However, personally I find LinkedIn a bit of a 'static' medium, which is both a strength and a weakness. Its strength lies in it acting almost as a living (but passive) Google search - you can post questions and get learned responses without too much 'noise'. Its weakness, in my view, is you tend to end up in silo's on it. By that I mean if you start a discussion in a particular group then you may end up in a very 'deep' discussion thread but not necessarily a 'wide' discussion. Is there a better way of sharing with whole communities?
I'm sure someone has been through all this but I'm having fun going up the learning curve.

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