Friday, 20 April 2012

Old - but - New!

What is new in the world of Fortran - other than there's a new version out or geekery around the code structure - what are people using it for?

How do you find out what's going on right now?

Have 'discovered' hastags and lists. That's Twitter speak ;)

I'm finding it a great medium for sharing and discussing ideas around innovation. Not entirely sure yet how effective this will be but these tools look like they will help. Also not sure it will work for Fortran  updating etc but have started to monitor the community! You have been warned.

My view on Twitter advantages so far are that it has a wide reach so you get input from a more diverse audience (some of which you may not want - but it certainly adds variety to the discussions). LinkedIn discussions - the other media I use - tend to be a bit insular - you have to be in the group to participate - which is sometimes a good thing don't get me wrong. Twitter therefore for me seems to be a bit more dynamic and feels more alive for ideas. Though it is early days for our #arctki forum! 

I was very sceptical before putting a bit of effort into Twitter - there is a lot of chatter. But if you tap into the right discussions I've found it to be great for discovering exactly what is happening in particular fields and quickly. The trick is to filter and organise the info so you don't get lost in the avalanche hence the # and lists.

Lets see what's going on in the Fortran world.....

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