Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Agile strategy development and random walking

All this is seeming very topical at the moment with a recent Times newspaper whole Raconteur supplement on the subject (14th Sept 2014 edition - not on the site for downloading just yet). So I thought I would expand a bit on the thinking and linking - well more linking than thinking actually (more in line with an agile approach)!

How does the agile strategy development link to the concepts presented in the 'Agile Random Walks' monograph (ref: http://www.amazon.co.uk/AGILE-random-walks-Random-walk-ebook/dp/B00NF5J4C2 )?

If I could draw this in a diagram I would (Random Walk no. 3 concept) - but I can't, so this will have to do - sorry ;)

Element 1 - Blue Sky thinking. This effectively relates to defining the end states for your 'equifinality' approach (Random Walk no.14 concept) coupled with 'viewpoints' of the future business (RW no. 15 concept)

Element 2 - Horizon planning. Making links to your blue sky thinking 'touchpoints' which covers a bit of RW no 3 and a bit of RW no. 7 and a bit of RW no. 10 and a bit of RW no. 13.

Element 3 - Roadmap for the year. Development of more tangible activities for the 'touchpoint' areas which covers RW no. 2, RW no. 5, definitely RW no. 7.

Element 4 - Immediate plans which covers RW no. 4, RW no. 6 (if you must), RW no. 8 (absolutely), RW no. 11, and finally RW no. 12.

I think that stacks up as an approach?

Moving on .....

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