Friday, 21 June 2013

Agility fragility

Everyone says they are but are they really?

I'm talking about - agile - that's in the systems development sense of course. Though when I think of agile my analogy is of a footballer who has the ball and is running down field avoiding tackles changing direction etc. That's agile in my mind - making changes and looking for opportunities to gain an advantage on-the-fly.

In software and systems development the term agile seems to be cropping up everywhere I look. Agile development, agile design, agile management, agile this, agile that. However, the question in my mind is, is the systems engineering industry really ready or 'real' agile.

A few worrying issues are appearing. Firstly the industry is developing an 'Agile Standard', certificates the lot! Doesn't seem to fit very well with the concept. Having worked over the past few months with leaders in system development. There is a willingness to embrace the concepts of 'agile' but we are all struggling letting go of our background in structured approaches to systems development. Which now, given the speed at which things are changing definitely looks like an 'industrial era' approach to design.

When I check my font of all knowledge Wikipedia its not much better - a thousand and one versions of what people think agile is - very well presented though! High level concepts fair enough but where the rubber hits the road not much cop.

The journey continues......

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