Friday, 23 March 2012

2 down 1 to go........

Second code review completed and documented.

On to the third code which is well structured much better documented!

A sample of the data input sheets for this code;

  1. Button Title Datasheet Title
  2. Parts Count Data Parts Count
  3. Process Release Freq. Data 
  4. Riser Release Frequencies 
  5. Blowout Frequencies 
  6. Special Frequencies 
  7. Events Events
  8. (Ignition Probabilities) 
  9. (Escalation) n/a
  10. Fire and Explosion Frequencies 
  11. (Immediate Fatality Fractions) 
  12. Population Population
  13. Immediate Hydrocarbon Risk 
  14. Travel Risk
  15. Non-Hydrocarbon Risk 
  16. Button Title Datasheet Title
  17. Hydrocarbon QRA Results 
  18. Summary QRA Results 

Just got to figure out how it all links together now!

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