Saturday, 24 December 2011

The final countdown.

All is complete and revival well underway.

Though the journey so far has been more about physics than Fortran!

A set of reports on the code have been produced covering;

1 Functional flowcharts of the routines - took a lot of time this one.

2 A data model - trace of the main parameters used in calculations back to the input screens and files - slog.

3 A report on future maintenance of the code - all things uncovered during the analysis included here.

4 A position paper detailing the calculation scheme usedand an initial assessment of the mathematical models used - mind bending.

The assessments have covered detailing  the main vessel movement forces;

FSPRING – buoyancy forces
ADDMAS – surrounding fluid resistance forces
FRCHULL – hull related forces
FRCPROP – propeller forces
FRCRUD – rudder related forces
FRCTHRU – thruster related forces

The basis for each of these forces has been outlined and referenced to experimental parameterisations have been made where possible. 

Flowcharts and data models for other forces have also related to;

FRCTUG – tug forces
FRCBANKSUCTION – bank interaction (suction) forces
FRCBLOCKING – forces related to navigation in a channel
FRCWIND – wind related forces
FRCWAV – wave related forces
FRCSLOWVAR DRIFT – slowly varying wave drift related forces
FRCLINE – mooring line related forces
FRCFENDER – fender related forces
FRCDBLFENDER – multiple fender related forces
FRCANCHOR – anchor related forces
FRCCHAINS – chain related forces
FRCWLEVGRAD – wave level gradient forces
PASSSHIP – passing ship forces
FRCWAVE – added wave forces
FRCWSIG – wave timeseries related forces
FRCCONV -  wave frequency convolution related forces

So. Not bad going for a few months work - thoroughly enjoyed it in a strange sort of way!!!

Not sure what happens next.....Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ;-)

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