Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Struggling with the learning curve!


I started with checking out the status of current software design procedures. What a complete mess! I think the software design standards need a software design!

Surely there is a simpler view of what you need to design a piece of software - my first port of call was Wikipedia - which thankfully gave me a quick route to reviewing what has gone on in this field.

My plan was to decide upon a set of standards to work to while reviewing a FORTRAN package (a big one) where there was no documentation. The intention being to use the standards to help build up the document set. But blimey - there is just one confusing interlinked mass of information. I waded through most of the 'relevant' approaches but there is absolutely no way a relatively new starter would be able to fathom that lot out. Just type 'software design' into Wikipedia and experience for yourself!

Anyway to cut a very long - and possibly grumpy old man - story short I have decided to undertake the assessment and documentation based around the following;



which seem to encompass much of the structured methods - as long as you follow them that is - needed for the FORTRAN code I am looking at!

So - onward and upward!

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